The air survey begins!

Inspecting lichen with lensHow does air quality vary across the country? What effect is air pollution having on our environment?

By taking part in the OPAL air survey, you’ll help our scientists answer these and many other important questions.

Pollution can come from many sources, including cars, factories and agriculture. Even if we can’t see all air pollutants directly, we can often observe their effects on the environment.

Lichens on trees and tar spot on sycamore leaves are both good indicators of local air quality. By recording these in your survey, you’ll discover more about your local air pollution.

Taking part is simple and fun. All you need is a copy of the survey workbook and field guide, which can be downloaded for free from this website.

Once you’ve completed your survey make sure you submit your results online so we can include them in our research. You’ll instantly see your contribution on our results map and be able to check how your findings compare with others.

We hope you enjoy taking part in the survey.