Analyse your survey results

Completed an OPAL survey? Want to find out more about what your results mean and how they compare with findings from the rest of the country? The OPAL website now provides a number of new ways to analyse survey results.

Air survey

What's your pollution score?

You can now view a pollution score for each survey you have submitted. The scoring system has been created by OPAL scientists to give an instant indication of your local air quality.

It’s a great way to compare results with friends, and see how surveys you've submitted from different locations match up.


Which lichens have been identified the most?

Discover what lichens have been found so far across the country. How does this compare with the lichens found in your survey? What does this suggest about your local air quality?

Are you a registered OPAL user?
You can only view your pollution score and compare lichen distributions if you have submitted a survey as a registered user.

Soil and earthworm survey

Create your own graph and explore the soil results so far

You can now analyse all the collected soil results using our interactive soil and site characteristics graph.

How do your results match up?