Coversands Heathland Project – restoration and conservation

The Coversands Heathland Project aimed to restore and recreate the once extensive heathland of north-west Lincolnshire.

Running from 2003-2008, the project was developed and led by a partnership between Natural England, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, North Lincolnshire Council and Forest Enterprise with Lincolnshire County Council and West Lindsey District Council.

The videos below explain more about this heathland and its importance for wildlife. They were funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of the Tomorrow's Heathland Heritage project.


Introduction to Coversands heathland – how it was formed, and why it's so important. Heathland wildlife – discover the heathland's varied wildlife, including a number of threatened and protected species.
Woodland edge – an important wildlife habitat that forms around heathland. Wet heathland – a habitat that's home to many species of plants and animals.
Coversands Quarry – a valuable industry but one that has had a large environmental impact. Heathland ownership – a history of how land ownership in the Lincolnshire region has changed.
RAF use of Lincolnshire heathland – How the RAF made use of the heathland and the impacts this has had.  Acid grassland – Roger Key takes a look at this heathland habitat and explores the wildlife. 
Dry heathland – explore the dry heathland habitat and its wildlife. The future of Coversands heathland – how successful has the project been and is the future bright?