OPAL Water Centre monitoring report – the findings revealed

Edgbaston Pool, Birmingham

Scientists from the OPAL Water Centre have published an in-depth summary of results from their pioneering monitoring study at nine lakes across England.

The water team monitored the lakes for four years alongside running the OPAL water survey and metals survey.

It is the first time some pollutants in England's freshwaters have been measured on such a scale or, as in the case of brominated flame retardants, the first time they have ever been measured in English lakes.


Download the report 

Download the full OPAL Water Centre monitoring report 2008-2012 (PDF, 22.5MB)


Chapter 1 – Chapman's Pond, York (PDF, 1.9MB) Chapter 6 – Wake Valley Pond, London (PDF, 2.1MB)
Chapter 2 – Crag Lough, Northumberland (PDF, 2.3MB) Chapter 7 – Edgbaston Pool, Birmingham (PDF, 2.1MB)
Chapter 3 – Marton Mere, Lancashire (PDF, 2.7MB) Chapter 8 – Thoresby Lake, Nottinghamshire (PDF, 2.14MB)
Chapter 4 – Fleet Pond, Hampshire (PDF, 2.3MB) Chapter 9 – Holt Hall Upper Lake, Norfolk (PDf, 2.6MB)
Chapter 5 – Slapton Ley, Devon (PDF, 2.1MB)  


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Further information and data

Background data and yearly summaries from each lake

Flame retardants found in lakes


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