A-Level students help conserve heathland

Students surveying vegetationThe Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust will be using data collected by A-Level students on Strawberry Heath near Mansfield to see how effective their heathland management techniques are.

Heathlands are vital habitats but are in decline throughout the UK. They are home to some of Britain’s rarest and most exciting wildlife, including smooth snakes and adders.

A-Level students from High Pavement Sixth Form College recorded vegetation data from heathland areas that had been cut back and weed-wiped, and compared this with adjacent heathland areas that had not been managed.

Strawberry Heath is owned by the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, which is interested in gathering data about the site following conservation efforts in parts of the heath over the past couple of years.

Pupils will present their results to an audience that includes Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and Nottingham University scientists at a celebration event later this year.

If you want to help conserve our heathland, then get in touch with the OPAL East Midlands team who are organising a number of activities that you can get involved with.