OPAL's national citizen science surveys

The surveys explore the health of our soils and trees, the quality of our air and water, the distribution of native and invasive invertebrates, and the importance of habitats for wildlife. We provide easy-to-follow survey instructions, straightforward ID guides and a variety of other resources to help you explore your local environment.

New Zealand Flatworm Survey

Help us to find out how far this introduced species of flatworm has spread.

Tree Health Survey

Young women surveying trees

Discover more about the trees around you and help scientists learn more about the pests and diseases attacking trees in the UK.

Bugs Count

Take a timed challenge to find as many bugs as you can and help scientists learn more about how the built environment affects invertebrates.

Biodiversity Survey

Is your local hedge a haven for beetles, birds, mice and other wildlife? Learn more about the animals that hedges support and discover ways to improve it.

Water Survey

How healthy is your local pond or lake? Record the animals you find there and contribute to valuable national research.

Air Survey

Sycamore leaf with tar spot

Look for lichens and record tar spot on sycamore leaves to discover more about air pollution and local air quality.

Soil and Earthworm Survey

Discover more about earthworms and the soils they live in. Contribute to important scientific research and help update our national record on earthworm distribution.

Polli:Nation Survey

You can become a citizen scientist with Polli:Nation by surveying your local patch for pollinators.