Tree Trouble – CREST SuperStar activity

Should you save Treedwell's tree?

The mayor of Treedwell is keen to cut down an old tree to make room for more housing. Do you think the tree should be chopped down, or do you sympathise with the protestors?

In order to decide, you'll need to think about how important the tree is. If it is chopped down, will it just be the tree that is affected?

How can you investigate the importance of trees?

Two ladybirdsLook for signs of wildlife
Trees are important habitats for a variety of animals. What can you see living on your tree? Are there any birds' nests? Can you see any invertebrates in our guide?

Look at the ground around the tree. Do you see any burrows or holes? What animals do you think could be living in those holes? Try searching on the internet to find out.

Download the OPAL invertebrate guide (PDF, 443KB)


Man examining lichens on a treeDiscover lichens
Are there any lichens living on your tree? Many varieties grow on the bark of trees but they are often overlooked. What kinds of lichens have you discovered?

OPAL lichen guide (PDF, 1.61MB)

Online lichen guide – a simple photographic guide to common British lichens

Learn more about lichens in the OPAL air survey


A tree trunkHow old is your tree?
Try our simple calculation to estimate the age of trees near you.

Tree age activity sheet (PDF, 293KB)



Further activities

Listen to a tree
Listen to a tree by holding a microphone to the trunk and recording the sounds. When you play it back what do you hear? What do you think is making the sounds?


Get involved in the OPAL tree health survey

Citrus Longhorn BeetleHow healthy are the trees in your neighbourhood? Are they being affected by pests and diseases? Take part in our survey to find out.

OPAL tree health survey