Want to get more involved in protecting hedges?

Want to learn more about hedges and the biodiversity they support? Check out these organisations and resources for ways to further your interest.

An urban hedgeTop ten tips for a healthy hedge (PDF, 122KB) – produced by Hedgelink

Make your own pooter / bug catcher

Pooters are a great way to catch bugs and take a closer look at them. You will find them very useful when carrying out the biodiversity survey.

The following sites give simple instructions on how to make your own.

Pooter activity from BBC Wildlife magazine

WildlifeWatch.org.uk pooter activity (PDF, 389KB)


To have a healthy future, hedges across the UK need the support of many people and organisations, from farmers and planners to environmentalists and local communities. Hedgelink aims to support all these people and organisations, and make it easier for them to work together.

Visit the Hedgelink website for more information.

People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES)

Since 1977, PTES has been helping to ensure a future for many endangered species throughout the world. They have a particular interest in Britain’s mammals, including the common dormouse which is increasingly reliant on hedgerows for its future survival.

Visit the PTES website to find out how you can get involved.

The Tree Council

The Tree Council is the UK's leading charity for trees, promoting their importance in a changing environment. Key to their work is the Tree Wardens Scheme – a national force of volunteers who are dedicated to their communities' trees.

Find out how you can become a tree warden on The Tree Council's website.


If you are unsure of something you have seen in your hedge, upload a photograph of your observation on the iSpot website, developed with funding from OPAL, and a friendly online community will help you identify it.

Visit the iSpot website

Fun and Games for Kids

Visit the Kids Zone for lots of hedge-themed games and activities.


Hedge conservation

Why is hedge conservation and management so important? We investigate...

Hedge conservation


Hedges – fact and folklore

From ancient rituals to medicines, find out some unusual facts about hedges.

Hedge folklore