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Sorry I haven't written for a while, I've been really busy with events over the past week or so.  Coming up we have filming for the National Lottery Awards - that's taking place in Birmingham tomorrow.  OPAL is through to the finals for Best Environment Project, so make sure you vote for us when the competition opens in September!  The film shot tomorrow will be played on the National Lottery draws in September and at the awards ceremony.


Feeling peckish?

If you're one of the more adventurous amongst us in terms of experimenting with food, then you might be interested in trying out insects as a food source!  Pretty uncommon in the UK, but around the world insects are a genuine food source - TV presenter George McGavin is famous for eating bugs and I saw an episode of The One Show once where he was encouraging kids to give it a try!  You can read his opinion on the matter here.


More Bugs Count events...

Summer is always a really busy time for us, with lots of events and activities to plan and run.  It's particularly busy this year with Bugs Count - last week we were at Camley Street Natural Park near Kings Cross, a site owned and looked after by the London Wildlife Trust.  We were working with a number of different groups to do the OPAL Bugs Count and Water surveys - there was a group from St Mungo's Putting Down


Silwood Park science fun day

As promised here are some piccies from the event we went to last weekend (10th July) at Silwood Park near Ascot.  We were lucky to have a gorgeous sunny day (unlike the wet weekend just gone!)  and there were loads of fun activities.  Here is just a small selection...

The Silwood Park main building - what a nice place to go to work - it was very peaceful there with lots of trees and open space. I was envious (but then I do get to walk underneath a dinosaur to get to my office each morning which is also pretty cool!).


Congratulations to the Friends of Ashenground & Bolnore Woods!

Congratulations to the Friends of Ashenground & Bolnore Woods!  Your surveys took the bug totaliser over 300,000 bugs!

I've just been entering the results that you sent in, and it gave the totaliser the boost it needed.  Can't believe we've crossed another huge milestone so soon!  And here are those records - from Haywards Heath in West Sussex (dots in yellow).



200,000 bugs and counting!

Fantastic! We're just three weeks into the survey and you've already helped to record over 200,000 bugs, from more than 1,000 different locations. This is incredible news, so please keep sending in your results - the more data we gather, the more we'll find out about the amazing invertebrates that live around us.


We're all going on a summer holiday...

Well I'm afraid I'm leaving you all for a couple of weeks as I'm off on a well earned holiday (yay!).  But don't fear, my colleague John will be taking over the blog while I'm away.   He'll keep you posted with all the new developments and exciting news in the Bugs Count, and I can't wait to see that Bug Totaliser when I get back!

So I'll hand over to John, and see you in July...




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