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Spider poll

Have you voted in the spider poll yet?  We want to find out what you think about spiders, and more specifically, what you would do if you found one in your house!   Vote now on the Bugs Count home page - over 3000 people have voted already.  Putting it outside seems like a popular option...

We'll soon be changing the poll to a new question, so keep checking back and casting your votes.


100,000 bugs!

Woohoo!  It's 9:03pm and we've just had our 100,000th bug recorded!  Fantastic to hit such high numbers just a week after the survey launched.  Keep counting those bugs!

Last chance to see...

Last chance to see the Bugs Count featured on BBC Springwatch!  Today is the last day you will be able to view it.  Take a look at the episode on BBC iPlayer here. The Bugs Count bit is 30 minutes into the programme.  Springwatch presenter Martin Hughes-Games gave the Bugs Count a try, turning his hand to bug hunting Challenge 3 - searching for bugs on plants.   


London: Garden City?

On the same day that OPAL Bugs Count launched, my friend Chloe was also busy with launch activities, publicising her research into the changing landscape of London.  She was particularly looking into London's gardens, and how they have changed in the past ten years or so.  There were lots of interesting findings, and it has a strong link with Bugs Count as we are discovering the bugs that live in our gardens and parks. 

So what were the findings?


Tree Bumblebees in Scotland

The Bugs Count is throwing up some interesting results already!  There are three records of Tree Bumblebees in Scotland - potentially very exciting.  Anyone else seen them up there?  If you do see one, please send in a photo if you can, and ideally register on the OPAL site before you submit a record, so that we can trace it back to you and get in touch if we need to.  Tree Bumblebees haven't been found that far north before so if we can confirm these sightings with photos then we have a brilliant new discovery on our hands!


Springwatch does Bugs Count!

Had a fabulous time yesterday - finished the day off with an evening drinks reception to celebrate the launch of Bugs Count.  Very excited to see all the TV coverage, and we found out today that BBC Springwatch are interested.  Hopefully their presenters will have given the survey a go during their lunch hour today and should be talking about it on the programme tonight!!

So look out for Bugs Count on Springwatch tonight - BBC2 at 8pm!


239 Tree Bumblebees spotted so far


Wow - 239 Tree Bumblebees spotted so far - and it's only day 1 of the Bugs Count!  That's amazing - keep those sightings coming in. 

If you can, please send a photo with your species quest sightings.  This ensures your record is as valuable and useful as possible - but sightings without photos are still very welcome.


Bugs Count launch day!!!!

What an exciting day!!!!  Today is the launch of OPAL's latest survey - Bugs Count.  We've been so busy over the past 5 months preparing this survey and are really excited to see it go live at last! 

Get your copy of the survey pack here or email us on with your address and we'll post you one.



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