Bugs in different environments – your results explained

Which bugs top the charts?

We invited you to explore your local area, hunt for invertebrates and send us your results.

Your challenge was to hunt for as many bugs as possible in 15 minutes on soft ground surfaces, man-made hard surfaces and plants.

Can you see which type of bug was the most common and what types of environment they were found in most?


More than two-thirds of the True Bugs were found in the plant challenge.

Many species, including shieldbugs and aphids, feed on plants using their piercing straw-like mouthparts to puncture vegetation and suck up sap.

Ants ants ants! These were by far the most common type of bug that you found while doing the survey.

This is perhaps not surprising as their colonies can typically contain thousands of individuals.

Bugs Count challenge results graph

Only 8% of crickets and grasshoppers were found on hard surfaces. As the name suggests, grasshoppers and other orthopterans mainly live in vegetation and prefer to lay eggs in the base of grass blades or the upper soil layer.

Key for challenge results graph

If you are interested in how urbanisation affects certain invertebrates, check out the bugs in urban areas results.