OPAL Climate Survey (now closed)

Data entry for the OPAL Climate Survey is closed.  However, survey resources and identification guides can still be downloaded for free below. 

Learn more about climate and how we affect it.

Record wind speeds by blowing bubbles. Photo (c) WeAreTAPE

In Activity 1, you can look for contrails - the tracks that planes leave behind in the sky. Contrails are important because they may contribute to the warming of our climate by preventing some infrared radiation leaving the earth.

In Activity 2 and 3, you can explore how wind at cloud height can be different from what we experience at ground level, with the help of mirrors and bubbles.

In Activity 4, you can answer simple questions about how hot or cold you feel and the types of clothes you are wearing, which can help assess how sensitive we are to climate in different parts of the UK.

How to take part

  • Step 1: Download the instructions and guides below. Want to make your own bubble blower? Watch our video to find out how.
  • Step 2: Find a suitable space to carry out the survey and record your findings in the workbook.

We are no longer accepting results for the OPAL Climate Survey.


Check out our Survey FAQs.

Downloads – what you need to get involved

Field notebook (PDF, 1.49MB):
Background information and recording sheet
  Field guide
(PDF, 3.3MB):
Introduction and full instructions
  Cloud chart (PDF, 3.3MB):
A photo guide to ten common cloud types

You may download these documents for use in the context of the OPAL project only. All other rights are reserved.

How hot are you feeling?

How are we adapting to our cimate? Help us investigate by completing our thermal comfort activity.

(This is activity 4 of the climate survey but can be completed separately.)

Climate games, activities and more

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