Cofnod is one of three partners in Wales that joined the OPAL partnership in 2014 as we expanded across the UK.

Wildlife enthusiasts going pond dippingAbout Cofnod

Cofnod is the North Wales Local Records Centre (LRC). It maintains the region’s largest database of wildlife sightings and is part of the UK’s first regional, Wales-wide, network of LRCs. Its aim is to work with local wildlife recorders to assist with the collection and management of their data, allowing those records to have greater exposure to those who need to use it for decision making.

It is based in one of Wales’ richest areas for wildlife and uses methods such as its unique Online Recording System to encourage people to share their wildlife observations.

Cofnod and OPAL

Cofnod's aim is to provide an opportunity for the people of North West Wales to gain greater awareness of their local environment through the OPAL programme. It will deliver this through our community scientist working with schools and community groups, with a particular emphasis on rural communities.

OPAL offers a unique opportunity for Cofnod to work in the community and engender a sense of greater understanding about the environment through the OPAL resources, while hopefully encouraging more people to take note of wildlife in their area and record their sightings with Cofnod or other recording schemes.