Are you one in a million?

If you've ever take part in an OPAL Survey, investigated your local park with an OPAL Community Scientist or been inspired by OPAL resources to explore, monitor and protect your local green space, then you are one of the million beneficiaries that are being celebrated today. Read all about it on the Imperial College news story.  

If you are one of these people then we are sending you a huge thank you! We would love to hear from you, please share your memories or pictures of OPAL on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram this week using the hashtag #OPALmillion

What next? Whether you have taken part before, or are new to citizen science, we invite you, not only to monitor the environment on your doorstep, but create a haven for the wildlife where you live. Inspired by taking part in the Polli:Nation Survey, a group of pupils from St Alban's Primary School in Hampshire are calling for your help to protect the nation's threatened pollinators. They are campaigning for you to plant 1x1m plot (or a windowbox or plant pot) at home with pollinator friendly flowers.

Make your ’Pollinator Promise’ and get tips on what to plant here.

Above Alan Mak, local MP for Havant, Hampshire is making the pledge with students.

As Laura, a Year 6 pupil at St Alban’s says, the “Pollinator Promise is not just for our school but for everyone.”