Education packs – trees and plants


Ash leavesLearn to identify trees, then work out their vital statistics with simple maths techniques. Before your visit, you may want to teach older pupils how to use a compass.

  • Trees - KS1 (PDF, 2MB) - Coming soon!
  • Trees - KS2 (PDF, 2MB) - Coming soon!

Register with the Royal Forestry Society website to download their free maths worksheets to measure canopy size and tree height.

Seeds and fruits

BerriesExplore how seeds are ‘packaged’ and how birds have adapted to eat different foods.

Everything you need for this activity is in the downloadable pack.

After your visit, test your pupils' knowledge of beak adaptation (PDF, 1.3MB).

Useful plants

Hedge woundwortDiscover the many uses of plants and their importance in our lives. You will need to set up a plant trail in advance, using the Useful Plants Cards in the pack.

This pack is most suited to Key Stage 2 pupils and includes an activity on the doctrine of signatures — the theory that herbs resembling parts of the body can be used to treat that body part.