How to: find a pond or lake near you

You can carry out the OPAL Water Survey at any area of freshwater, from small garden ponds to large lakes. However, if you need a little help to find your nearest pond or lake, try some of the following helpful tools.

A lakeNote: Bear in mind that just because a lake is on a map or in a database, it does not mean that it is open to public access. Please check with the owner or local authority first if you are unsure.

Ordnance Survey maps

A standard Ordnance Survey (OS) map (1:50,000) will show many lakes, but small ones are not always marked.  You can view a limited number of Ordnance Survey maps online for free at the OS Maps website.

Google maps

Google maps can be a good way of looking for lakes and ponds across the UK. However, even in satellite view, small lakes and ponds are not always visible.