How to identify: Flavoparmelia


Close-up of Flavoparmelia lichen

Flavoparmelia is found on trees in woodland but is also becoming increasingly common in towns and villages, so it seems to be able to grow in both clean and polluted air. This survey will help us learn more about how pollution-tolerant it actually is.

Flavoparmelia can live on a wide range of surfaces and may grow to cover an area the size of a dinner plate.

Its name comes from 'flavus' in Latin, which means yellow or golden. This may be a little misleading as its colour is mostly an apple green.


  • Broad, apple-green lobes
  • Wrinkled surface on which powdery spots may develop


Did you know?

  • The Tarahumar of northern Mexico used powdered Flavoparmelia caperata to treat burns. Not recommended!