Met Office – OPAL climate partner

The Met Office led the OPAL Climate Change Education Centre and the development of OPAL's fifth survey between 2007 and 2013.

Snow on Dartmoor

About the Met Office

The Met Office is the UK's National Weather Service. It has a long history of weather forecasting and has been working in the area of climate change for more than two decades.

It is recognised as one of the world's most accurate forecasters, using more than 10 million weather observations a day, an advanced atmospheric model and a high performance supercomputer to create 3,000 forecasts and briefings a day.

Met Office and OPAL

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OPAL scientists and the Met Office worked together to raise awareness and understanding of weather and climate, the important issues we face, and the actions that people can take.

The Met Office led OPAL's Climate Change Education Centre, including the Weather Roadshow, and the development of the OPAL Climate Survey, which was launched in March 2011 and closed in March 2014.


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