Wildlife photography winners

The winners in our Devon and Cornwall Wildlife Photography Competition 2015 have now been announced. Thank you to everyone who entered!

Overall Winner:

Tin Mine on the Cornish Coast by Julian Baird

'Tin Mine on the Cornish Coast' by Julian Baird

Julian says:
“It was a beautiful summer’s evening when I made my first visit to Wheal Coates. Though I had gone out with the intention to take photos I wasn’t sure what I would find when I got there. After spending some time exploring the area, I settled on this composition of the striking heather alongside the old tin mine. It was just then a matter of waiting for the best of the evening light!”

Winners (over-18s):

General Wildlife

Kingfisher by Ashley Jackson

'Male Kingfisher' by Ashley Jackson
Penadlake, Cornwall

Ashley says:
“The picture of the Kingfisher took me two years to finally get after spending many hours in my pop up hide at many different locations. I purchased the Tamron SP 150-600mm DI VC USD and it allowed me to get that bit closer and then it happened - I found a great location and they came!”

Dormouse on Forsythia by Paul Steven

'Dormouse on Forsythia' by Paul Steven
St. Ives, Cornwall

Paul says:
“I was driving along a country lane and had to stop the car to allow another car to pass me. Whilst waiting I noticed this little dormouse out the window. He did not seem too bothered by my presence at all. Immediately I appreciated this was a photo opportunity not to be missed, so fortunately as always my camera was at my side and I took some photos through the window. Due to where I was stopped I had to drive on fairly quickly, but I stopped the car somewhere safe further up the road and walked back. To my surprise the little fellow was still munching away on the petals so I was able to take a few more photos before he eventually decided it was time to make a sharp exit.”

Wild Pony by Simon DeVetta

'Wild Pony' by Simon DeVetta
Chapel Carn Brae, Cornwall

Simon says:
“This picture was taken on the top of Chapel Carn Brae Hill, near St Just. This is a beautiful location, with views to the north and the south coast, and the Isles of Scilly on a clear day. It was the first time I had walked up the hill, and I had my camera with me hoping to capture some of the surrounding landscape; then as the sun started to set I noticed the ponies grazing nearby. As I started to take a few pictures, the sky became more and more colourful. The ponies didn't seem interested in this and were happily munching the grass, and then one wandered over to the perfect spot for this silhouette. I had to wait a while for him to look up, and I got one good shot just before the sun dipped below the horizon.”

Urban Wildlife

Cross Spider by Lucien Harris

'Cross Spider' by Lucien Harris
Plymouth City Centre

Lucien says:
“I noticed the spider a few weeks before I took the picture, sitting on my van wing mirror, and thought that would be a nice photo. I ran to get my camera and the spider had disappeared behind the mirror! For weeks I kept noticing that she was sat there but I never had my camera on me, then one day I saw the spider sitting there and luckily enough I had my camera right next to me. I think she got so big from eating all the flies off the windscreen that she could not fit in her hiding place behind the mirror any more.”

Mobile Phone

Morgan Pawth Cornwall by Laura Hancock

'Mawgan Porth in Cornwall' by Laura Hancock
Mawgan Porth, Cornwall

Laura says:
“This was taken from a walk on our local beach, where we normally take my dog for a walk. My husband and I go very often but this was the first time I’d seen this beautiful sight. The mist was rolling off the sea covering the whole beach, then going up over the cliffs. It was very magical.”

Winners (under-18s):

General Wildlife

Fire bugs by Maddie Leisham

'Fire bugs' by Maddie Leishman (aged 14)
Brixham, Devon

Maddie says:
“During the summer I spent some time with my uncle, who is also a keen photographer, in my grandparents’ beautiful garden. The garden is bursting with a large variety of insects and other wildlife. On this particular day we photographed stick insects, spiders, bees and lots more, however this was my favourite shot.”

Urban Wildlife

Heron by Elise Watts

'Heron' by Elise Watts (aged 16)
King's Tamerton, Plymouth

About the competition

The Devon and Cornwall Wildlife Photography Competiton is run by OPAL England and the Plymouth Woodland Project, based in the School of Biological Sciences at Plymouth University. A selection of the best pictures will be exhibited at Plymouth University this autumn.