Enjoy OPAL activities in Welsh

Welsh language versions of all six of OPAL’s national nature surveys are now available for the first time.

Translations of the Soil and Earthworm, Air, Water and Biodiversity Surveys can be downloaded from our website, joining the existing Welsh versions of our Bugs Count and Tree Health Surveys.

Welsh community scientist Iwan working with local childrenOPAL has been expanding into Wales, as well as Scotland and Northern Ireland, since early 2014 thanks to a £3 million grant from the Big Lottery Fund.

Project leaders at Imperial College London are working with Cofnod, the North Wales Wildlife Trust and National Museum Wales to deliver survey activities to communities in Wales.

Following a review this winter of the OPAL surveys’ suitability for use across the UK, a limited number of printed Welsh survey packs will also become available next year.

Translated pages are also being phased in across the OPAL website, with Welsh versions of many key pages already online.

Look out for the “Cymraeg” link in the top right-hand corner of some of our most popular pages (as shown on the right), and keep your eyes peeled for more Welsh content arriving in the future.