Get to know your eight-legged lodgers this autumn

They are useful pest controllers and like to share our homes, but many of us cannot identify different species of these eight-legged lodgers.

Spiders start to appear in our houses more frequently at this time of year, as some species – including the aptly-named House Spider (Tegenaria) – leave their webs in search of a mate.

A house spider (Tegenaria)Other species, including the familiar Daddy Long Legs and the harmless but now notorious False Widow Spider, like to inhabit our living spaces all year round.

Arachnids are not always popular, but they are very important in our urban environment and help to control the numbers of many nuisance household pests such as flies.

So this autumn, get to know the creatures hanging in the corner of your living room and stuck in your bath with our free identification guide to the most common species you will find.

If that gets you in the mood to scrutinise spiders, why not download the new Spider in Da House app developed by the University of Gloucestershire and the Society of Biology?

Or get the real facts about False Widow Spiders from our friends at the Natural History Museum.