OPAL tree health survey opens

People across the UK are being encouraged to examine the trees where they live, work or go to school as our seventh survey on tree health opens today.

The survey, designed in collaboration with Forest Research and FERA, includes activities such as identifying tree species, measuring height and examining trees for signs of poor health.

Tree health surveyIt will also ask participants to keep their eyes peeled for a range of pests and diseases, particularly those that affect our most loved trees – Oak, Ash and Horse Chestnut.

“Tree Health is one of the most exciting and important surveys OPAL has developed so far,” said OPAL Director Dr Linda Davies, of Imperial College London. “It’s the seventh in our series of nature studies designed for people of all ages and abilities to start exploring and recording local nature.

“And, while learning about local trees and gathering lots of interesting information, local people can also contribute their findings to a national research programme investigating the condition of the nation’s trees and the factors affecting them.”

Any tree can be surveyed and all of the information submitted will help scientists build up a picture of tree health across the UK.

Participants may also spot one of the six Most Unwanted pests and diseases, including Ash dieback and the Emerald Ash Borer, which could spell disaster for our forests if they spread across the UK.