Tell us your tree survey opinions for a chance to win

Did you take part in the OPAL tree health survey last year? We need your feedback!

We're opening a two-week public poll today to find out what you liked and didn’t like about our seventh national citizen science survey, launched in May 2013.

The prizes on offerIt will take just a few minutes and participants will be entered into a prize draw to win a fantastic guide to British trees and a host of OPAL goodies.

We particularly want you to tell us about anything that prevented or discouraged you from submitting the results of your survey to OPAL.

The tree health survey will relaunch across the UK this spring and our feedback survey will help to make sure it’s easy for you to take part and send scientists vital records about our trees – from healthy specimens to those that might harbour pests and diseases.

One lucky winner will receive:

  • a copy of the Collins Complete Guide to British Trees
  • a tree ID poster for your wall
  • OPAL guides to lichens and mosses that grow on trees
  • an OPAL USB stick with all the resources you need to take part in other OPAL surveys
  • a hand lense to examine plants and wildlife
  • a selection of OPAL stationary.

The feedback survey is open until 14:00 GMT on 25 March 2014. Only participants submitting their feedback before this deadline will be eligible to win the prize. Only one entry per person. Read the full terms and conditions.