Sunny weekends

What a gorgeous sunny weekend we've just had - suncream was even needed in my back garden yesterday - it's not often that happens in March!

I spent most of the weekend gardening - a novelty since I only got a house with a garden towards the end of last summer.  I have high hopes for a veggie patch and pond but it'll take a lot of work.  I bought a pond liner this weekend though, so my boyfriend has a lot of digging ahead of him (he he!).

Spending time outdoors was also a great opportunity to test out the new survey I'm developing at the moment - the Bugs Count.  So I set the timer on the cooker and my boyfriend Steve and I went hunting round the garden for bugs.  It was quite surprising how many spiders we have - literally hundreds of them!  I'm not sure what type they are so I'm going to try to get one in a pot and bring it in for the Museum's Identification and Advisory Service to have a look at.  So our Bugs Count total was:

Spiders and harvestmen: 529

Spiders webs: 20

Centipedes: 3

Woodlice: 30

True bugs: 4

Beetles: 5

Flies: 8

Ants: 1

Slugs: 11

Snails: 27

Earthworms: 3

Other invertebrates: 86

Total = 727 Not bad for a small garden!

Now all the little tweaks needed will be made to the survey guides and we'll be testing it with various members of the public to make sure it works before the survey launches in June.  How many bugs do you think you'll find in your garden?




Sarah West's picture

What amazes me the most about this is that you actually counted all 529 spiders.Bet you made Steve count them!! Were they baby spiders, or full sized ones?

Do you know how to tell the difference between male and female spiders? Males have boxing glove shaped bits sticking out at the front (pedipalps) and the females just have straight ones.