200,000 bugs and counting!

Fantastic! We're just three weeks into the survey and you've already helped to record over 200,000 bugs, from more than 1,000 different locations. This is incredible news, so please keep sending in your results - the more data we gather, the more we'll find out about the amazing invertebrates that live around us.

As you'll see from the results map, you've sent in surveys from rural and urban areas right across the UK, from the south coast of England to Scotland and Northern Ireland. I couldn't fit it on the map, but there's even a survey from the Shetland Mainland - our most northerly record so far! This good geographic spread will really help us to interpret the results.

Next week we'll take our first good look at the information that you've helped to gather so far. Because the results have been flooding in so quickly, this is much sooner than we'd expected and is all very exciting...what will we find?

Keep following our blog to learn more about how we'll be analysing the Bugs Count data - and of course to find out the all important initial results! John