What a difference a warm day makes

by Ed Tripp, Nottingham

Temperature affects plant growth

The heather that I placed in sand in May has been growing well ever since.

The most striking thing is the difference in size of the plants between the different temperatures. The plants grown in the highest temperature are nearly twice the size of those grown in the coldest temperature (see pictures).

So if temperatures increased in the UK, some plants really would grow much faster, which might mean that some species do better than others under temperature increase. So the fingers of climate change touch far more than we might think.

Next week I will be harvesting the heather plants and measuring their weights to see if the plants from warmer temperatures, like Spain or Portugal, grow better in higher temperatures than those from colder climates, like Norway or Finland.

Heather growing in the cold                   Heather growing in warm temperatures

Here's to some more interesting data....

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