Feeling peckish?

If you're one of the more adventurous amongst us in terms of experimenting with food, then you might be interested in trying out insects as a food source!  Pretty uncommon in the UK, but around the world insects are a genuine food source - TV presenter George McGavin is famous for eating bugs and I saw an episode of The One Show once where he was encouraging kids to give it a try!  You can read his opinion on the matter here.

Personally I haven't really tried it, but a colleague of mine called Florin recently lent me an insect recipe book called 'Des Insectes a Croquer'.  It includes lots of information about eating insects and how to cook them, and loads of recipes.  Thankfully (for my dinner guests!) it's written in French and my French isn't good enough to pick out many recipes.  Although the chocolate covered crickets seems simple enough!  

Grillons au chocolat


24 grillons

250ml chocolat mi-amer


That is one of the more tame recipes - the book also includes cricket sushi, beetle larva pate and stick insect salad!!