Science Uncovered

Tonight at the Natural History Museum, over 300 scientists will be in the galleries just waiting to discuss their day to day jobs, museum specimens and some of the biggest questions in science with you.  All over a glass of wine or two!  Sound good?  Well come along from 16:00 - 23:00 for a relaxing evening and the chance to meet / question / challenge our scientists.  There are behind the scenes tours, cocktail bars and loads of other displays and activities.  All this is part of Science Uncovered, an EU funded scheme also called Researcher Nights, which give people the chance to meet research scientists and discover how their research is relevant to our everyday lives.

I'll be there with lots of my colleagues running the Natural History Roadshow (think Antiques Roadshow but with wildlife - feel free to bring something in for us to identify!).  Our part of the event is all about explaining why UK wildlife is important and how you can all help us to better understand and protect it.

Also, we have not one but two Leopard Slugs on show for you to touch, hold and gaze at down a  microscope.  Get familiar with these lovely creatures and then get looking for them in your gardens at home!  Here's a sneak preview of our baby Leopard Slug - he's so cute!

Ok, I'm sure lots of you are thinking he's not cute and that 'cute' and 'slug' are not words that go together, but he's only a few cm long.  Hazel, one of the museum's Science Educators brought him in on Wednesday saying she found him amongst a pile of post on her front door mat and he had slimed all over a bright green letter - she thinks he might have come in through the post!  Either way, come down and meet him in person tonight, along with our other various creepies and crawlies.

It's your chance to come and meet some of the OPAL team, so we hope to see you there!