I'm on BBC online!

Last Tuesday I was filmed by a lovely lady called Becky from the BBC.  We had a great day out at Silwood Park (the Imperial College campus in Ascot) bug hunting, and Becky filmed me as I went along looking under logs, in the trees and in fallen leaves for all the bugs we could find.

And here's the result - this video went up on the BBC online website this morning...


I hope this inspires a few of you to get outdoors and do a bug hunt.  Download the Bugs Count Pocket ID Guide to help you to identify what you find.  Keep an eye out for our six Species Quest bugs too!  The film tells you about one of them - the Devil's Coach Horse beetle.  You can find out what the six Species Quests are and how to find them here.

Over half a million invertebrates have been counted through the Bugs Count now - make sure you add your sightings to keep that figure rising!