Schools watch the pollution in London

London weather monitoring websiteLondon schools are taking readings from their weather stations to help OPAL researchers and Imperial College monitor the air pollution from the capital.  

On Tuesday 16 June, and also Thursday 18 and Friday 19 June, researchers are making intensive measurements of the particulate pollution produced by London.

An aircraft with dedicated scientific instruments will fly around the edge of the city, measuring the air pollution and particles being transported out of London by the atmosphere. These measurements are being made all around the M25.

Imperial College, in South Kensington, is measuring the amount of solar radiation that is able to penetrate through London's atmosphere to the ground.

This will show researchers how much pollution from particles there is in central London, and how much there is around the edge of London. To fill in the gaps - the areas between central London and the M25 - OPAL is asking London schools to analyse data from their weather stations to help us.

How your school can take part
If your school would like to get involved, please download the files below and follow the instructions. There are some simple calculations to do, but these don’t need to be completed straight away - and as long as you have readings for 16, 18 or 19 June you can join in up to a month after these dates.

Secondary schools:

Primary schools:

For more information about taking part please contact Claire McConnell on