Nature in Mind: Nature in Focus

Community Scientist Sarah Pierce presents photographs taken by OPAL participant Lisa who has been capturing nature at its best...


Every month for the last year and half I have had the pleasure of doing an OPAL survey and going for a nature walk with a group from Framework’s Nature in Mind project .  This project aims to support people with mental health issues and to promote wellbeing and recovery through engagement with nature.  The whole group is fantastic – friendly, welcoming, eager to learn, and really interested in nature.


One particular member of the group, Lisa, has also used the Nature in Mind activities to develop her skills in nature photography.  I mentioned that I would be really interested to see some of the photos from our events and she gave me nearly 750!  She also gave me permission to share them on the OPAL blog so others can appreciate them too.  Here are just a few of my favourites, showcasing some of the strange, beautiful and wonderful things you can see when you spend a little time in nature.