Polli:Nation survey - results from the first season

Pollinating insects, such as bees and butterflies, are in decline across the UK. These insects are homeless and hungry, suffering from a lack of places to nest and feed. To help reverse this trend, OPAL teamed up with Polli:Nation, a UK-wide conservation project working with schools, community groups and individuals to combat pollinator decline by creating or improving habitat for pollinators.  

The Polli:Nation survey was launched by OPAL in April this year to help people measure the impact of habitat improvements on pollinators. And the first survey season’s results are now in, at a quick glance:

  • 431 completed Polli:Nation surveys were submitted during the surveying season (April to October).
  • Over 80% of survey returns came from either primary or secondary schools.
  • June was the busiest month for surveying, with over 160 surveys completed.  
  • The three most frequently recorded ‘Species Quest’ species were the Honeybee, Common Carder Bumblebee, and Marmalade Hoverfly respectively.

Take a look at the full findings below:

This winter and spring it is hoped that many people who have taken part in the survey will be making habitat changes to their survey site to make them more pollinator friendly. The data next season will start to reveal how these changes are affecting the abundance of pollinators.

Click here for tips and ideas on how you can improve your local outdoor space for pollinators.

Surveying begins again in April 2017, and you can download your free survey resources here: www.opalexplorenature.org/polli-nation