University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham has been involved in the OPAL project since 2007 and leads our engagement work in the East Midlands.

About Nottingham

The University of Nottingham is a research-led university that aims to deliver excellence in both teaching and research. Members of its academic community are distributed across campuses in the UK, Malaysia and China, where they endeavour to produce world-changing research that addresses the problems and challenges affecting societies and people on a wide scale.

Developing ideas, creating discoveries and exchanging knowledge are directed towards generating scientific, social, environmental and cultural impact.

Nottingham and OPAL

Peter Crittenden is an ecologist with a research interest in lichens and lichen-rich habitats. While surveying for lichens he became interested in the heathland fragments remaining in the East Midlands and this led to heathlands becoming a central theme in research and outreach activities in the first phase of the OPAL programme.

Sara Goodacre is an evolutionary biologist who studies variation in natural populations, with a particular interest in the role of spiders as potential pest-control agents in agricultural ecosystems.

Engaging the public in creating new habitats for plants and a range of invertebrates, including spiders, is a focus of current OPAL work.