OPAL reports and updates

Our reports

  • Findings and Lessons Learnt Report 2016 (PDF, 8769KB)
    Report on outcomes of OPAL-UK, latest results of national surveys, lessons learnt and OPAL's vision for the future.
  • Community Environment Report 2013
    The interim findings and lessons learnt from our first five years, when more than half a million people took part in OPAL activities.
  • Annual update 2009/2010 (PDF, 873KB)
    Our second progress report. Includes information on the air and water surveys, OPAL community champions and our work with natural history societies.
  • Annual update 2008/2009 (PDF, 602KB)
    Our first progress report. Includes information on OPAL's launch at the Natural History Museum, the start of the first national survey and the work of some our our National Centres and regions.

Other reports