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Result summaries for all surveys

See what has been discovered in each of the surveys so far in the OPAL Science Summary.  OPAL Scientist, Professor Mike Ashmore and Community Scientist, Helene Coleman compile key findings from academic papers, reports and recent analyses:

Read our OPAL science summary (PDF)

Result summaries by survey

Pollination iconPolli:Nation Survey results

See what Polli:Nation Survey participants have discovered when surveying their local environments  for pollinators

NZ Flatworm iconNew Zealand Flatworm Survey results

How far has this non-native species of flatworm spread and what effect might it have on wildlife? See what OPAL participants have found.

Pollination iconTree Health Survey results

OPAL participants have helped us to learn more about the pests and diseases affecting trees in the UK.

Pollination iconBugs Count Survey results

See what OPAL participants have discovered about the bugs in their local area and how the built environment affects invertebrates.

Pollination iconBiodiversity Survey results

How are hedges and the biodiversity they support different across the UK? See what OPAL participants have found.

Pollination iconWater Survey results

How healthy are the UK's ponds and lakes? Here's what we've learned from the data collected by OPAL participants.

Pollination iconAir Survey results

OPAL participants have looked for lichens and recorded Tar spot on Sycamore leaves to discover more about air pollution and local air quality.

Pollination iconSoil and Earthworm Survey

See what OPAL participants discovered when surveying soil and earthworms in their local area.

Climate Survey

The OPAL Climate Survey ran from March 2011 to March 2014. What did we learn about climate and how we affect it?

Academic publications

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