Soil and Earthworm Survey results

In the OPAL Soil and Earthworm Survey, our citizen scientists record the abundance of juvenile and adult earthworms from a soil pit. They identify the adult earthworms using a simple taxonomic key and also note simple soil characteristics. 

What have we found?

 The data submitted by OPAL participants shows that:

  • Domestic gardens were hotspots for earthworms, with high numbers compared with other habitat types. Gardens also had the highest average number of species
  • Rural gardens had a greater number of earthworms and a greater number of species than urban gardens. However, urban gardens had more earthworms than other urban habitats
  • The worm species reported at the greatest number of sites were the grey worm, redhead worm and lob worm
  • Man-made materials were present in the topsoil in over a third of survey locations and these were predominantly composed of construction material

​Academic journals

The following scientific journal papers used OPAL Soil and Earthworm Survey data:

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