A special new tree – CREST SuperStar activity

What's the best tree to plant for the residents of Treedwell?

It is up to you to decide which tree to plant in Treedwell for future generations to enjoy. There are many trees you could choose, but which one will you decide on and why?

Some trees produce beautiful flowers, and some will be preferred by certain types of wildlife. They also vary greatly in size. You may want to start by getting familiar with common British trees.

ACTIVITY – How many different types of tree can you find near you?

Get to know the common British trees

OPAL tree ID guide and poster (PDF, 2.4MB) – an illustrated guide to the leaves, twigs and fruits of common British trees

Tree gallery – photos of British trees with their distinguishing features

Tree identification key – an interactive key on the Natural History Museum website

What do other people think?

Asking other people for their opinion will also help you decide which tree to choose.

ACTIVITY – What do your friends and family think?


OPAL tree health survey

Tree health surveyLearn more about the trees around you and provide scientists with vital information about their health.

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Join in the OPAL air survey

Investigate lichens growing on trees and find out about local air pollution.

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