OPAL summer activities

Cartoon sun with thermometerBe sun safe: take steps to avoid too much exposure to the sun while taking part in outdoor activities.

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The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and it's a perfect time to explore your local environment.

Whether you're heading to the beach, having a picnic in the woods or you want to explore nature in your own garden while you wait for the BBQ to heat up, we've rounded up our favourite OPAL summer activities for you to enjoy.



People doing the Tree Health SurveyOur trees are under threat from increasing numbers of pests and diseases. You can help scientists protect trees and woodlands by surveying them.

Take part in the Tree Health Survey

A hedgeUncover the diverse range of wildlife in our hedges, and how you can improve hedges around you to support insects, mammals and birds.

Get involved in the Biodiversity Survey

Tarspot of SycamoreLate summer and early autumn are prime times to see tar spot of sycamore, an important pollution indicator. Keep your eyes peeled for these black spots.

Look for tar spot with the Air Survey


ID guides

Close up of seaweed

Take time out from sunbathing and building sandcastles when you're at the beach to discover seaweeds that can be found on the British coast.

Seaweed guide (PDF, 2MB)

A damselfly

Dragonflies and damselflies are the acrobats of the insect world and a true sign of summer. Learn how to identify the different species.

Dragonfly guide (PDF, 197KB)

Tree Pipit

Heathlands are at their most attractive from July to September. But this important habitat is under threat.

Heathland wildlife ID guide (PDF, 3.19MB)

Learn why heathland is endangered


Activities for children

Girl hugging a treeSearch for signs of summer with these fun games for youngsters.

Summer I Spy (PDF, 254KB)

Summer scavenger hunt (PDF, 241KB)

A ladybirdCrawlies aren't creepy! Go bug hunting and discover the wonderful world of insects.

Create a pitfall bug trap (PDF, 193KB)

Water wonders activity sheet (PDF, 424KB)