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Enjoy OPAL activities in Welsh

Welsh language versions of all six of OPAL’s national nature surveys are now available for the first time.

Translations of the Soil and Earthworm, Air, Water and Biodiversity Surveys can be downloaded from our website, joining the existing Welsh versions of our Bugs Count and Tree Health Surveys.


Tree health survey packs for Scotland and Wales now available

People in Scotland and Wales are being encouraged to take part in OPAL’s seventh survey on tree health.

The survey, which launched earlier this month, is the first of OPAL’s surveys to be distributed outside England, in partnership with Natural Resources Wales and Forestry Commission Scotland.


Hundreds register to examine tree health

More than 400 people have already signed up for the forthcoming OPAL tree health survey just one week after registration opened.

Nearly 1,600 survey packs have now been requested for the survey, which has been developed in collaboration with Forest Research and FERA, and will open in May 2013.


How old??!

I've been learning about lichens in preparation for the next OPAL Survey, which involves looking at lichens to assess air quality (visit air survey page). I have to confess that I knew very little about lichens until a couple of months ago, despite them being present nearly everywhere I look now! Below is Xanthoria parietina, which is a nitrogen-loving species

Xanthoria parietina


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