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Schoolchildren looking at slugsUse OPAL surveys as part of your teaching

Our free lesson plans and curriculum guides show you how our activities meet education requirements and take you step-by-step through teaching OPAL surveys to your pupils.

Lesson plans

These plans are designed to integrate into the Scotttish Curriculum for Excellence, but could be adapted for use in schools across the UK.

Happy fifth birthday to OPAL surveys

Laura Gosling
OPAL evaluation and data manager

We have reached a big milestone for OPAL: this Sunday marks five years since we launched the first OPAL survey, the soil and earthworm survey.

It was an exciting time. No-one knew how the public would react – would people be interested in soil and earthworms? Would they take part? And if they did, would they submit their results?


Our scientists need you – one month left to take part in the tree health survey

There are just a few more weeks remaining to get involved in the OPAL tree health survey and help scientists to protect Britain's trees.

The survey is best carried out when leaves are still on the trees and signs of pests and diseases are easier to spot. So we need you to take part before the end of September and ensure you send us your results.


Hundreds register to examine tree health

More than 400 people have already signed up for the forthcoming OPAL tree health survey just one week after registration opened.

Nearly 1,600 survey packs have now been requested for the survey, which has been developed in collaboration with Forest Research and FERA, and will open in May 2013.


Help us fill soil survey gaps

A big thank you to to everyone who has submitted results for the soil and earthworm survey. Nearly 4,000 surveys so far!

Your results have helped us understand more about soil properties and the distribution of earthworms across the country.

However, there are some areas of the country where we have received very few surveys (see the map below), so we'd love your help to fill these 'gaps'.


Create a film of your OPAL experience

Planning a group OPAL activity? Why not add a bit of creative fun and make a film of the day?

It could be a news report, a documentary, or a 'how to' video like the ones below - made by Vale Youth Green Action in Birmingham.

Send us your videos and we'll put our favourites on the OPAL website. Just upload your film to a video-sharing site such as YouTube and let us know the link using our contact us form or comments below.




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