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York Bioblitz

Sarah West
OPAL Community Scientist, Stockholm Environment Institute, University of York

Oh my goodness, it's been months since my last post! Apologies. My excuse is that I've been tweeting instead....if you're into twitter, we tweet via @OPALnature.

We are working hard, honest! We're looking forward to the summer and planning lots of fun activities. Probably the biggest event we're organising is the York BioBlitz in Museum Gardens on the 15th and 16th June.


Is it a bee? Is it a fly? Actually it's a bee fly

I visited Chapman's Pond, Dringhouses (York) this morning, as the OPAL Water Centre guys were up doing some more water sampling. They visit the site every three months and do chemical, biological and physical analyses (See their pages on Aquatic Biomonitoring for more info).


Introducing OPAL Yorkshire and Humber


As this is my first blog post, I thought it best to start with introductions. I'm Sarah, the Community Scientist for OPAL Yorkshire and Humber, which means it's my job to link together scientists and the public.

The OPAL Yorkshire and Humber team photo

This is a photo of the team. Left to right we have:

Piran White, who supervises Sal (far right) on her PhD


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