239 Tree Bumblebees spotted so far


Wow - 239 Tree Bumblebees spotted so far - and it's only day 1 of the Bugs Count!  That's amazing - keep those sightings coming in. 

If you can, please send a photo with your species quest sightings.  This ensures your record is as valuable and useful as possible - but sightings without photos are still very welcome.


What does your hedge award mean?


How does your hedge benefit wildlife? Is it an important provider of food and shelter for animals? When you submit your survey results online, we’ll give your hedge a rating that will tell you more about its potential importance for wildlife.

If you complete the whole survey, your hedge will receive a bronze, silver or gold award in each of the following three categories. But what do they mean?

Analyse your survey results

Completed an OPAL survey? Want to find out more about what your results mean and how they compare with findings from the rest of the country? The OPAL website now provides a number of new ways to analyse survey results.

Air survey

What's your pollution score?


OPAL Water research data


How healthy are our lakes and ponds?

OPAL monitored the health of nine lakes and ponds across England, looking at water quality, how it's changing, and how the plants and animals are being affected.

We collected physical, biological and chemical data at three-month intervals to explore how things changed over time, research which is being used to help the conservation of ponds and lakes.



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