Polli:Nation survey - results from the first season

Pollinating insects, such as bees and butterflies, are in decline across the UK. These insects are homeless and hungry, suffering from a lack of places to nest and feed. To help reverse this trend, OPAL teamed up with Polli:Nation, a UK-wide conservation project working with schools, community groups and individuals to combat pollinator decline by creating or improving habitat for pollinators. The Polli:Nation survey was launched by OPAL in April this year to help people measure the impact of habitat improvements on pollinators. And the first survey season’s results are now in. Read more about the findings of this survey here!


Insects 'bounced back' in 2013's hot summer

2013’s hot summer gave wildlife a much-needed boost, National Trust specialists have revealed.

After six consecutive years of poor summers, the sunshine of July and August helped many species – particularly insects such as butterflies, bees and grasshoppers – to flourish.

Many plants and grasses also had a successful year and there was “an explosion of nuts, berries and seeds” later in the year.


Tree Bumblebees in the UK – what have your Species Quest observations shown?


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Have we found the answer to a Species Quest question?

Yes! Lots of you took part in the Species Quest, sending us photographs of six species over the web and via your smartphones. We received more than 800 photographs from across the country in the first year of the survey.

Primary schools receive our Pollinator Learning Packs

Congratulations to the 12 primary schools who have been awarded one of our Pollinator Learning Packs.

Put together by our West Midlands team, these packs include a selection of field guides, wildflower seeds and nest boxes for bees.


Download 'Bees in Britain' for free

To celebrate the launch of its new website, The Bees, Wasps & Ants Recording Society (BWARS) is offering everyone the opportunity to download their 'Bees in Britain' guide for free.

The guide provides an extensive introduction to British bees, with background information, species descriptions, photographs, and identification help.


Guest blog from Kevin: Brilliant bees

Bees are amazing little insects and are totally fascinating to watch go about their daily routines. Last week in the glorious sunshine I saw lots of little Mining Bees feeding up on the wonderfully bright yellow Dandelions at Upton Country Park. There are lots of opportunities for bees to nest here in the exposed soil on the embankments. I even found a Bee which is thought not to be very common in Yorkshire. This little Bee is possibly making a comeback appearance after hiding away for lots of years….so watch this space!


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