Join in the Big Spawn Count 2012

Do you have a pond in your garden? Is it home to any frogs or toads? Take part in the Big Spawn Count 2012 and help Pond Conservation with valuable research.

The Big Spawn Count survey aims to find out how many frogs and toads are breeding in garden ponds.

By counting the number of spawn clumps in your pond and submitting your results online, you’ll contribute to important research.


Humongous hoppers spotted in central London

How cool is this!?!  To launch the OPAL Water Survey, the OPAL Communications Officer (Laura) arranged for some huge frogs to be projected on to Battersea Power Station last night.  How great does this look?!  I think they should keep them there permanently.  Good work Laura, it looks fab.  Now it's time to get out pond dipping...



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