Our scientists need you – one month left to take part in the tree health survey

There are just a few more weeks remaining to get involved in the OPAL tree health survey and help scientists to protect Britain's trees.

The survey is best carried out when leaves are still on the trees and signs of pests and diseases are easier to spot. So we need you to take part before the end of September and ensure you send us your results.


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OPAL on Twitter

Sarah West, Yorkshire and Humber

Last week I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get OPAL on twitter. This means that people can keep up to date with what OPAL are doing via their mobile phones. It's a weird concept but a lot of people are using it, so we're trying to get used to the completely new language of tweets, @mentions and hashtags.... anyway, if you've got a twitter account and you'd like to see what we're up to, follow us at - it would be great to 'see you' in the twittersphere!



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