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More Bugs Count events...

Summer is always a really busy time for us, with lots of events and activities to plan and run.  It's particularly busy this year with Bugs Count - last week we were at Camley Street Natural Park near Kings Cross, a site owned and looked after by the London Wildlife Trust.  We were working with a number of different groups to do the OPAL Bugs Count and Water surveys - there was a group from St Mungo's Putting Down


London: Garden City?

On the same day that OPAL Bugs Count launched, my friend Chloe was also busy with launch activities, publicising her research into the changing landscape of London.  She was particularly looking into London's gardens, and how they have changed in the past ten years or so.  There were lots of interesting findings, and it has a strong link with Bugs Count as we are discovering the bugs that live in our gardens and parks. 

So what were the findings?


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