Discover heathland


Lowland heathland is one of Britain's rarest and most threatened habitats. It's also home to a diverse range of unique flora and fauna.

Learn more about this fascinating habitat with our range of resources, including school activities and a free photographic guide to heathland plants and animals.

Why is it important?

Heathland plantsHow did lowland heathland develop? Why is it in now in decline?

Enter our Plymouth Wildlife and Nature Photography Competition

OPAL South West has launched a new photography competition open to all ages and abilities. You can even enter using your mobile phone camera.

The challenge is simple - we’re looking for photos that capture the diverse range of wildlife and nature in Plymouth.


What does your hedge award mean?


How does your hedge benefit wildlife? Is it an important provider of food and shelter for animals? When you submit your survey results online, we’ll give your hedge a rating that will tell you more about its potential importance for wildlife.

If you complete the whole survey, your hedge will receive a bronze, silver or gold award in each of the following three categories. But what do they mean?


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