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Preparing for the year ahead - staff training at FSC Kindrogan

By Matt Keyse
OPAL Community Scientist, FSC Scotland

Two things occured to me as I turned the corner into FSC Kindrogan this week. Firstly I had forgotten just how blessed the area is for its lichen communities.


Discover what lies beneath your lawn

It is one of the world’s most precious natural resources and is vital for growing the food that we depend on for survival.

But how much do you know about the soils beneath your feet and the creatures that make their home there?

As milder temperatures begin to arrive, it’s the perfect time to discover the world beneath your lawn by taking part in the OPAL soil and earthworm survey.


Happy fifth birthday to OPAL surveys

Laura Gosling
OPAL evaluation and data manager

We have reached a big milestone for OPAL: this Sunday marks five years since we launched the first OPAL survey, the soil and earthworm survey.

It was an exciting time. No-one knew how the public would react – would people be interested in soil and earthworms? Would they take part? And if they did, would they submit their results?


How do your earthworm results compare?

A new feature on our website will show you how your soil and earthworm survey results compare to other sites across the country.

Our live results map now tallies up the number of earthworms you’ve counted and plots them against surveys submitted by other people.


Soil Survey – support for groups


Group leader survey support guide

This guide provides a range of advice and ideas for carrying out the soil and earthworm survey with your group. This includes:

  • Background information on soils and earthworms
  • Advice on planning the survey
  • How the survey links in with the curriculum
  • Tips on carrying out the survey
  • Follow up ideas

Group leader survey support guide (PDF, 113KB)


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