Earthworm Frenzy!


Fingers at the ready... catch as many earthworms as you can!

How many of our slippery earthworm friends can you collect in the time limit?

You'll need to be quick to catch them before they disappear back into the soil.

Challenge your friends and see if they can beat your score. Are you good enough to make the top 10 leaderboard?

World Worm Charming Championship

Teams from OPAL went to the World Worm Charming Championship in Willaston (Cheshire) on Saturday. This annual event has been happening since 1980, and involves "charming" worms out of the ground without using water or chemicals. Each team has a 3x3m area which they have 30 minutes to get as many worms out of as possible.

Worm charming championship


Nature Live event - Discover earthworms with the experts

This Sunday you can join experts at the Natural History Museum and learn all about earthworms and why they are so important.

As part of the Museum's Nature Live series, two OPAL themed events have been organised that give you the opportunity to join in, ask questions, and learn more about the soil and earthworm survey.


Wonderful world of worms

A few months ago I knew next to nothing about earthworms - not a great situation to be in considering part of my job is to help groups do the OPAL Soil and Earthworm survey!

So I decided I'd better swat up. Lucy, who works for OPAL at the NHM , kindly pointed me in the direction of UCLAN Earthworm Research Group - this website has some great photographs of earthworms and some fascinating wormy facts. 



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