Best OPAL activities for winter

Winter landscape with OPAL logo

The days are shorter and there's a chill in the air, but even though winter has arrived you can still explore nature.

To help inspire you we've rounded up a collection of our favourite OPAL winter activities, which range from identifying lichens to making casts of animal tracks.

And if the weather takes a turn for the worse, why not stay indoors and brush up on your nature knowledge with our lichen quizwater quiz or our Learning Lab?

OPAL Air Survey

Even when temperatures are dropping, you can still help scientists collect important data about our environment. For example lichens are very visible at this time of the year because they are not shaded by leaves, and so it's a great time to take the OPAL Air Survey.

Identification guides

There are still plants and creatures that can be seen at this time of year. Download one of our free guides, and see which species you can find in your home, garden or local area.

Primary school education

Hunt for signs of animals you might find in winter and discover how they survive the cold weather through tracking activities and den building.

Before your visit, look at the traces that animals leave behind with our Who Left What? activity sheet (PDF, 1.29MB).

You will also need the RSPB's guide to making casts of animal tracks. After your visit, take the casts back to the classroom and identify the prints you found.

Fun for children

Encourage young children to discover the great outdoors this winter with games, storytelling and other fun activities.